Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Début Rocks!

I have been planning this shoot - in two parts - for about 3 years... 

For years, I've been saving up CDs/DVDs, any time a burn would fail or I got a hold of useless software [like the CD you get from Black's when you buy a Camera] I saved them up! 3 years later I had around 200 so I decided to do the shoot! The second half of this shoot is Samantha's dress. I did a Début dress photo shoot back at the beginning of 2009, that shoot was over the top gowns! Samantha was part of that as well and during the fitting we found this pink sequenced dress that I fell in love with. I wanted to use it so bad, but there was no way it was fitting in with the gown shoot. Somehow, the dress still hadn't been sold come June! I took that opportunity to work that dress, and several other beautiful dresses, into the CD shoot! This shoot was super rushed but a ton of fun and I am very happy with the results. 

Samantha and Karen are regular models, but Paula and Naomi are not models, they are performers! Paula sings the local funk band Chalkpit and Naomi is a Canadian Idol alum who sings in the band Aquestrya!

Samantha Cavanagh-Gill 

Paula Sherrie

Karen Murdock

Naomi-Joy Blackhall-Butler

As an added bonus to these shots, Naomi's dress was able to look stunning, all while hiding...

... The fact that she is 4 months into her second pregnancy, TWINS! =D
Congratulations Naomi and her fiancé Peter!!

Thank you so much Samantha, Karen, Paula and Naomi!
Thanks to Ryland and Samantha for helping with the CD wall!

Big thank you to Irina Biletska at Début Fashions! If you are looking for a dress for any occasion look no further then Début Fashions in Park Lane Mall, Halifax, 902.429.3444!

And of course a HUGE thank you to Brian Larter and Karen Murdock of Aperture Studios [The best photo studio/rental in Nova Scotia] for letting us take over for a few hours!

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