Thursday, 13 May 2010

Time Bandit

Edward Michalik and I have worked together three times now! Edward has an amazing imagination and a way with words! I wish we had the time to work together more while I was in Halifax. So many great ideas, so little time! Hopefully we will be able to collaborate again in the future! Edward is the creator of PANG: The Human Realm Blog!
Here is the description of this shoot in the words of Edward:
"The inspiration for the shoot was twofold: my desire to work one more time with the brilliant photographer, Sarah DeVenne, before she lit out to conquer Toronto, and my unceasing ambition to be a knight, a nobleman, if not in title then in spirit. In retrospect, the shoot is an homage to Terry Gilliam’s under-appreciated masterpiece, The Fisher King (1991)."
Edward & Me!

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